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Renice X1 CFast Card Datasheet


Renice X1 CFast Card Datasheet

General Specifications

Capacity:        4GB,8GB,16GB,32GB,64GB,128GB (MLC)

                       2GB,4GB,8GB,16GB,32GB,64GB (SLC)

Interface:        SATAII 3GB/s

Form factor:    1.0 inch


- Static and Dynamic Wear-Leveling, Bad Block Management

- Dynamic Power Management and SMART (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology)

- BCH ECC 16bits or 24bits in 1024 bytes


- Conformal Coating

*- Nand Flash Type: SLCAt 100,000 PROGRAM and ERASE (P/E) cycles


Performance Specifications

Sustained Read speed:        up to 165MB/s

Sustained Write speed:        up to 160MB/s

Access Time:                         < 0.1ms


Reliability Specifications

MTBF:                                    > 3,000,000 hours @25C

Data Reliability:                     Built-in MTBF/ECC/Wear-leveling function

Data Retention:                     10 years at 25°C

ECC:                                      BCH ECC 16bits or 24bits in 1024 bytes


Environmental Specifications

Shock (operating):                 2,000G (@0.3ms half sine wave)

Vibration (operating):            20G (7-2000Hz)

Operating Temp.:                   0 to 70°C (Commercial Grade)   

Humidity:                                5% to 95%


Electrical Specifications

DC input voltage:                   3.3V ± 5%

Active /Idle:                            1.2w /0.6w


Physical Dimensions        42.8mm×36.4mm×3.6mm (L×W×H)

Details list:

  • Model: RCMyyy-PX1C / RCSyyy-PX1C
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